Hello. Don't expect it to be that easy. Sometimes, the solutions are right in front of your eyes and you just don't see it. Hopefully getting here taught you a lesson.

Here are the rules and guidelines.

  1. Progression will be obvious. There will be branches to the story and dead ends. When the narrative overlaps with reality, you will be guided in the right direction.
  2. Don't expect this to be easy. The solution will make sense once you get it, but there's no fun in giving away answers.
  3. There will be no bruteforcing, hacking, doxxing, pentesting, reverse engineering, or any similar actions required to advance. Unless directly specified.
  4. Proceed with curiousity.
  5. Play with a brain.
  6. Everything has a purpose.
  7. Use common sense.
  8. Certain events or occurences may be time-gated. If you follow the rules and instructions, you won't notice this.
  9. Bugs and glitches are expected. I am human. And I know you are too.
  10. Analyze everything. Especially the source.
  11. Hans has VERY little to do with this.
  12. There is ALWAYS a way.
  13. All persons, locations, nouns, events, actions, and giraffes are used in a purely non-fictional manner.
  14. You may call me W. Or U for short.
  15. Changes will happen retroactively. This won't affect your progress.
  16. There is no prize money. There is no winning. I could definitely insert the "the real treasure is the friends that you make along the way" meme and even though I highly encourage you to work with other people, I would recommend you work at your own pace though and try to play individually.
  17. Unless specified, everything is completable through mobile. Use your online resources.
  18. Remember. This Is Not A Game.
  19. This is the last and only time I will be helping you. You are now on your own. Thank you. - U
  20. You have all the clues needed to move on. Good luck.